• Together Connected

    As an artist who deeply appreciates the sacred and ancient textile traditions from around the globe, I have created a small business to help give back to artisan communities that carry the ancient craft traditions that have inspired my art!


    Fair and Ethically Traded Products
    Offering authentic, sustainable products that support artisans, their families, and indigenous ways.

    Providing a Connection to the Sacred Arts of Indigenous Communities
    Consciously serving our Shipibo and Quechua communities with integrity and passion, bringing their beautifully rich sacred arts to new audiences.

    Living in Harmony with Each Other and Our Earth
    Reducing our use of resources with Earth conscious production, shipping, and packaging practices.

    Together Connected uses fashion as a platform to empower women, preserve sacred traditions of handmade crafts, and provide sustainable employment and fair wages to indigenous artisans.  Each piece is handcrafted by women artisans using traditional fabric techniques of embroidery, dyeing, and weaving. 

    We believe that the well-being of our artisans is central to who we are as a company, which is why we pay each of our artisans a livable wage, allowing them to provide for their families.  Through sustained work opportunities and involvement in the design process, our artisan partners can affect change not just in their own lives, but our world.

    Who We Support

    We feature tapestries, embroidered clothing, and beaded jewelry that are handmade by the women of the Shipibo tribe in the upper Amazon River region of Peru. Not only do these women get paid a fair wage for their crafts, but proceeds from the sales go right back to the future generations through our partnership to support the Peruvian nonprofit art school for Shipibo children, Isa Weni Ong. isaweniong.com/

    Additionally we feature naturally-dyed, handwoven tapestries and goods from Quechua artisans in the Andean mountains of Peru. This year we partnered with the Center of Tradition Textiles of Cusco, by purchasing items from every child single in their Young Weavers Group to help ensure the future of their sacred textile traditions are being learned by the next generation. www.textilescusco.org/

    All of our products are not only made with great love and full of positive energy because each purchase it also giving back to the youth of these sacred cultures!