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Phantasmic Data DawnAtari TwinsButterfly Core 893Encryptedin process of weaving EncryptedButterfly Core 321Intel's 4004 with CurvesSquiggle Core 24396 Ancient IntelMemory Module Mask, with interferencePentium ScratchSpam SprayCore MemoryCore Memory (detail)Chipset ArtifactC++Rom SprayNazca Nurd StudderRed Hat LinuxCyborg SunriseDouble Head Eagle BannerOne Woven WireStackStackStack (additional view)Stack (additional view)Random Access MemoryRAM detailPink IntelPink Intel detailBlue Diamond TransistorAncient Circuit RisingCool Gradient Diamond ChipWarm Gradient Diamond ChipSynthetic KenteRed MotherboardLime DataGreen MotherboardTarantula Blue GuestureTarantula Blue GridIn & Out of the Illusion in Green, frontIn & Out of the Illusion in Green, backOak Leaf and Wine Glass GuestureOak Leaf and Wine GlassSpider SpraydetailSoft Circuit